New to a neighborhood overflowing with wealthy suburban alpha-moms, a lonely and naive housewife tumbles into their world of boobs and Botox, seducing her to sacrifice her family for popularity in a desperate attempt to fit in.

Best Fake Friends is a drama/comedy produced by Equitas Entertainment. The film is distributed by HOLLYDAN WORKS CANADA for worldwide video on demand as well as Eastern European theatrical distribution.


Best Fake Friends Wraps Up Shoot in Portland, August 2015

Best Fake Friends finished its 23-day shoot on schedule and on budget

Best Fake Friends Screens for Cast & Crew, April 2016

Best Fake Friends’ final cut is screened to the cast and crew at the LAEMMLE (Music Box) Theater in Beverly Hills, CA on April 17, 2016.

Best Fake Friends is screened to the cast and crew at the OMSI Theater in Portland, OR on April  22, 2016.


Lauren Bowles  Lauren Bowles as Joy Dillon                             Max Ryan  Max Ryan as Mark Dillon

Victoria Smurfit  Victoria Smurfit as Nikki Toyer                       Suleka Mathew  Suleka Mathew as Tory Blake

Michelle Arthur  Michelle Arthur as Rachel Robbins                Kiowa Gordon  Kiowa Gordon as William Parks

Peter O’Meara  Peter O’Meara as Matthew Toyer                  Jessica Belkin  Jessica Belkin as Emily Dillon

Kirsten Roeters  Kirsten Roeters as Michelle Parks                 Tara Perry  Tara Perry as Sandra Jordan

Suzie Kane  Suzie Kane as Connie Burton                           Sid Mallya  Sid Mallya as Vin Martin

Heather Long  Heather Long as Heidi Jones                            Jeff Boehm  Jeff Boehm as Jeff Blake


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